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U.S. Constitution
Classroom Constitution
Here are two pictures; one shows the U.S. Constitution (click on it for full text), the other shows a Classroom Constitution from a 1st grade class in California.  Both documents contain a set of agreed upon rules and understandings that help guide a community of people.  Both of these communities have leaders.  Just as the President of the United States leads the American community, your teacher leads your classroom community. 

Every day both your teacher and the President make decisions that affect a community.  Does your teacher ever have to make difficult decisions?  Does the President? 

Think of a difficult decision your teacher has made.  What does your teacher consider when s/he makes a decision.  How does their decisions effect you and your classmates?

Do you think that you could make a decision that effected all of you classmates?  How about a decision that affected everyone in the United States?